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The root of suffering is attachment

“The root of suffering is attachment”  - Buddha
An important teaching that we all need to work on. Non-attachment doesn’t mean to disconnect from your loved ones and lead a life of a hermit, but to be able to live amidst all this and accept the impermanence of all things. It means to go with the natural flow of life and not be attached to any of these things that the thought of losing it makes you angry or annoyed. Its only when you become attached, that all the problems and negative emotions arise. But when you don’t cling to things, it becomes easier to simply let go of the excess or things that don’t serve you any more.
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Identification is possession, the assertion of ownership.  Ownership denies love.  To own is to be secure; Possession is defense, making oneself invulnerable.  When there is defense, there will be no love.  Love is vulnerable, pliable, and receptive; it is the highest form of sensitivity.  Identification makes for insensitivity.  Identification destroys love. Identification destroys freedom.  Love or sensitivity exists only in freedom. Truth or happiness cannot come without undertaking the journey into the ways of the self.  You are anchored means you cannot travel far.  Identification is a refuge. A refuge needs protection

Becoming does not contain Being

Ambition in any form for spiritual achievement is action postponed. Desire is ever of the future; the desire to become is inaction in the present.  The now has greater significance than the tomorrow.  In the now is all time and to understand now is to be free of time.  Becoming is the continuation of time and of sorrow.  Becoming does not contain Being.  Being is always in the present and being is the highest form of transformation.  Becoming is merely modified continuity, and there is radical transformation only in the present, in being.

J Krishnamurthy


Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else;
you are the one who gets burned.

- Buddha...