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Importance of Breathing

Breathing is the primary function of human body which keeps him alive. This signifies the importance of breathing, we are alive till we are breathing and we are dead once we stop breathing. But we hardly ever notice that we are breathing, breathing normally happens mechanically.You may ask me why should I know about breathing when it is automatically taken care off. Yes, it is automatically happening, but that is the problem, when breathing happens without our consciousness, it gets affected by our emotions and most of the time we will be doing shallow breathing. Our emotions vary across the day, getting angry, always in a hurry, sad etc. In turn during these emotions our mind works more on emotions and forgets breathing, when breathing is neglected it often becomes shallow and abnormal.At any point if we just observe our breathing we will know what state of mind we are in, we are at peace or going through a problem or trouble. If we are at peace or joyous our breathing will be normal, correspondingly our heart beating will be normal everything feels are in place. But when we are angry we breath fast, our heart starts pumping more, everything feels not in place. It is a fact that 'When we talk we don't breath'. If we just observe ourselves we will know that, when we are talking, we are not breathing, and in between talking we pause to take a breath and continue talking. This pausing and taking a breath happens automatically without our knowledge. Imagine when we talk too much (talking is just taken as an example it could mean anything which is good enough to cause our breathing pattern abnormal) then our breathing pattern will be shallow and abnormal. Breathing keeps our internal mechanism to work continuously without a break, rain or shine, the oxygen need to be supplied continuously to the cell. Fresh air is a source of oxygen. The cell (be it any cell of our body) will not stop functioning when you are talking or when you are angry or any situation where your breathing is shallow. If the cell does not get what it requires in time, it malfunctions. A small malfunctions of cell could be recovered or corrected by body itself during sleep time, but if we do this in a disproportionate manner, we end up living unhealthy life.

We need to be conscious of breathing all the time, while walking, standing, talking, working etc. We need to follow a rhythmic breathing which should be natural to that individual. Just focusing our mind on breathing will make breathing normal, easy and natural for our body. Focusing our mind on breathing is nothing but meditation. You don't have to sit in some posture for doing this, you can do this all through the day, all the time we need to bring our focus on breathing and feel our breathing. It is true that we cannot keep our mind all the time on breathing, but whenever we become comscious that we are not focussing on our breathing, bring it back on track.


  1. Good article! Quite educative. :)
    Breathing is essential for life, but take it for granted! In fact, when one is stressed, one should take few deep breaths to release the stress.

  2. Abhishek,
    thanks for your comment.


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